Our Story

 Heather Christie is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and dancer. Described as indie-R&B or neo-soul, Heather's sound is likened to artists like Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, and Norah Jones. Heather’s heartfelt and vulnerable songwriting arc through her melodies and lyrics, and ultimately embody a message of self empowerment. Heather has worked with an array of music producers, singers, dancers, and instrumentalists. She was seen on American Idol's Finale Season as a second-round finalist in Hollywood Week (2016). Her song 'Tincture' (released as duo project Feral Fauna) reached over a million listeners and was placed on Spotify's Discover Weekly in 2017.

        Born and raised in an eclectic family on the Santa Cruz coast of California, music was always a central part of Heather's life. Gifted her first guitar at age 13 and encouraged to pursue musical theatre by her grandparents, Heather got her musical education early. Classical choir, jazz ensembles, Broadway musicals and teen singing competitions were a part of Heather's music upbringing. Hitting the stage at age 9, she always knew where she wanted to be. Between her performance studies and her flower-power family life at Grateful Dead shows and music festivals, Heather developed her quirky niche. Blooming as a modern dancer during college, traveling to India, and getting certified as a yoga teacher in Costa Rica (Danyasa Yoga), adult Heather compiled her music, dance, and performance philosophies together to create her own sound and style. 

         A collaborator at heart, Heather has co-founded music projects Feral Fauna, Silk Drop, and Sirens of Soul. She tours regionally with each project as well as with her solo project. She writes, records, and produces out of her home in Los Angeles, CA. Stars That Fall will be her 6th studio album.

    Vir grew up in Venice, California. From an early age, he was exposed to eclectic musical instruments. As a teenager, he explored exotic sounds, particularly those used in ceremonial and trance music. 

    In addition to playing guitar, bass and keyboard, Vir plays world instruments including the Sintir and Guimbri from Morocco, Djeli Ngoni from Mali, Yali Tanbur from Turkey, a self-created camel-skinned instrument called The ‘Arkbass’, and many others. Vir plays these instruments in non-traditional ways through various effects pedals, as well as in funk, hip-hop and electronic music to create distinctive textures and tonalities.

Vir is a tone-master, always looking for that hypnotic sound. Vir founded the world music band Hamsa Lila, who has toured through the United States. Hamsa Lila headlined the renowned Fillmore auditorium twice, and received a Bay Area ‘best world music band’ prize in 2004. The album Gathering One went to number 2 in the world music charts. Vir toured and recorded with the Mickey Hart Band (drummer of the Grateful Dead) in 2011.

    Vir’s eclectic nature is also home to musical comedy and children’s music. Vir’s comedy hits include The Man From Marin and Sensitive People, which have over 80,000 plays each on Youtube. Vir’s children’s projects include Kid Kaleidoscope, Octopretzel and Ephram Fomp. Ephram Fomp was turned into an audio book with Vir doing all the characters.

Vir has performed with or opened up for Mickey Hart, Tinariwen, Bombino, Beats Antique, Bassnectar, The String Cheese Incident, Shiva Rea, Yossi Fine (of David Bowie), and many others. 

Vir currently composes, produces, records and tours with Hamsa Lila, House of Hamsa, The Dogon Lights, and Heather Christie. Vir lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Stars That Fall is the first collaborative work of Heather Christie and Vir McCoy. It showcases the eclecticism that each of their musical backgrounds bring to the table.