Soulful Folk Fusion / "Philosopholk"

Samara Jade is a modern folk troubadour - a writer, performer and leader of songs who stitches together a unique genre-bending tapestry of sounds and stories.  With skillfully innovative guitar playing, an acrobatically emotive voice, and a knack for clever and piercingly truthful lyrics, Samara’s songs stimulate minds, open hearts, empty tear-ducts and perhaps best fall into the nutshell of a fan-coined genre: "Philosopholk." 

A versatile, dynamic and interactive performer, Samara holds a playful and connective space whether she is playing solo acoustic, live-looping guitar grooves, harmonies and beat-boxing, or performing with a band. She has a great passion for breaking the performer/audience barrier with improvisational song and by getting a roomful of people to sing. You can also find Samara leading community song circles and vocal exploration/improvisation workshops.

Inspired deeply by the brave spelunking into the depths of the human psyche and listening sharply to and appreciating the wonders of the natural world, Samara is grateful to have songwriting as a tool of digesting the world and making medicine for the times we are in.

Thanks to the neural networks of community singing and song sharing, and also to signing her latest album “Wave of Birdsong” - a fully orchestrated folk epic and ode to the birds and this beautiful and troubled planet - to the California record label Jumpsuit Records (Ayla Nereo, The Polish Ambassador) many of Samara’s songs have spread far and wide (much like the helicopter seeds of maple trees - not coincidentally, called “samaras”), and she is honored to follow in their footsteps.


"Samara’s music helps me see the adventures ahead with real hope. A voice you can trust singing melodies that heal your heart - filled up with ideas that stir your thoughts - all put together with musicianship and rhythms that can move you down the road into your best life." 

- David Wilcox, veteran folk musician and award-winning guitarist


Has Played:

Expansion Festival (Duvall, WA)

Imagine (Orcas Island)

Sh'Bang (Bellingham)

Kinnection Festival (North Carolina)

Global Earth Repair Conference

Notable Venues:

North carolina:

Grey Eagle

Isis Music Hall

Muddy Creek Music Hall


Alix Goolden Auditorium