Sensual Trip Hop

Arula, is a songwriter, sound-healer, embodied movement guide, & electronic music producer who values music & movement as sacred expressions of a universal language; a language that unites and empowers us.  She views expression as a path to awakening; a sacred gateway to exploring the different parts of ourselves, the light & the shadow, exploring duality as a path toward unity. 

Her songs are inspired by our collective narrative as well as her own personal journey to connect to the deepest human experiences, confronting false narratives, disruptive conditioning; and thus stepping into a place full of potential & activation which is what is needed for healing ourselves, and in turn, our planet.

As a lover of many varieties of music she interplays with a multitude of genres, while difficult to categorize her music is often described as haunting, sultry, and ceremonial. Her voice a bridge to ethereal realms, unparalleled but reminiscent of Kate Bush, Sevdaliza, & Deya Dova.